Wood Dust Collectors


Avani Environmental Intl., Inc. offers high-performance dust collection systems and solutions to woodworking applications that include:

  • Modular and expandable baghouse systems
  • Automatic and manual shaker baghouses
  • Cyclone collectors with afterfilter housings
  • Reverse pulse jet fabric baghouses
  • Vacuum systems for maintenance and housekeeping
  • Custom downdraft systems
  • Vacuum assisted systems for DA sanding
  • Material handling centrifugal fans
  • Make-up air systems
  • Exhaust & supply fans
  • Paint/finishing booths
  • Eco Gate energy saving systems

Safety and waste handling systems include:
  • Explosion vents
  • Suppression & detection systems
  • Silos and waste containers
  • Rotary air locks and screw conveyors
  • AMCA rated centrifugal fans with air handling and material handling
  • wheels for closed loop conveying systems
  • Discharge silencers
  • Automatic diverter valves
  • OSHA caged ladders, service platforms, and collector railings
  • Custom electrical control panels
Avani Environmental Intl., Inc. also offers complete turnkey mechanical installation, system design, AutoCAD design drawings, preventative maintenance programs, and pre-fabricated hoods/ductwork/floorsweep kits to provide a complete package.

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