Avani Environmental offers three lines of air-filtration products for wood dust collection. Each category of products is specifically designed for a particular application, so it is important find out which one is best suited for you.

Baghouse Collectors: Ideal for capturing wood particulate that is larger or more difficult to clean. Dusts that are hygroscopic also require a baghouse collector. Baghouse collectors are also ideal for larger particles, such as greater than 50 microns. Dusts that have a tendency to form a film or cake together when they settle should be handled in a baghouse collector since the filters can flex and knock them loose.

Cyclone Collectors: Ideal for capturing wood particulate that is a high temperature or contains moisture. Need more info.

Clean-Up Collectors: The other two systems take care of about 95% of the wood particulate, but some of it may escape in to your workplace. It's important to minimize the amount of dust inhaled by the workers. Need more info.

After the dust has been collected it doesn't have to just be trash. With Avani's Briquette Presses you can compress your collected wood particulate into a flammable wood puck to be used as fuel.