Clean-Up Collectors



Ambient Air Cleaning Systems and Vacuum Systems for Housekeeping

The Avani Environmental Intl., Inc. ambient air cleaners are designed for ease of usage and installation. The ambient air cleaners allow for cleaning of interior air conditions of fine dust which may not be picked up by customer’s existing dust collection systems. The ambient air cleaning systems include multiple stages of filtration and centrifugal fans to create air patterns that entrain fine dust and allow for re-circulation with 95%+ collection efficiency. The ambient air cleaning systems reduce housekeeping costs, clean-up time, reduced changes to air handling unit filtration, protects electrical equipment, and improves employee morale.

The Avani Environmental Intl., Inc. vacuum systems are electric and air operated portable vacuum systems that aid in housekeeping and plant maintenance. Shop cleaning tools reduce clean-up time and protect woodworking machinery from dust build-up. Systems are available as portable and as central vacuum systems with multiple drops. Avani Environmental Intl., Inc. offers installation of centralized systems to serve complete shops.